Kol Bobov opened in June 2004 (then Bobov Broadcast). We have to date collected a collection of more 1000 tracks, which are being played through out the year. We opened the site so people should be able to listen to Heimishe songs, rather then to un-recommended radio, and we received many letters of listeners thanking us for the idea.

If you want to share the cost of operating the site, Leiluy Nishmas etc.. please get in contact with us. We’re sure that the zechus of giving yiden the opportunity to listen the Heimishe nigunim instead of radio, is bigger than we think.

We aim to add all Bobover songs to our streams, if you think anything is missing, please let us know.

The cost to run this site is about £50 or $70 per month, if you feel like taking part in the cost feel free to do so from the “donate” link on the front page.

About the Goldman Stream

For more information about their releases and productions, visit their site:

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